Selecting the right dentist in Western Hills, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio & the Western Hills area is very fortunate to have an amazing choice of dentists and dental specialists, so it can become overwhelming and stressful when choosing the right dentist to provide dental care for your teeth. Sure, you can take the easy road and opt for the dentist closest to your home, or someone a friend or family member recommends to you, but he / she may not be the right ‘fit’ for you, particularly if you have need of specialist care. Just taking a wild stab at the telephone book is also not the best way to find a really good dentist.

By following the simple tips below you can easily find the right Western Hills dentist in the Cincinnati area for you.

1. Figure out what you are looking for in a dentist

Start by sitting down with a pen and a piece of paper and list all of the things that are important to you about a dentist. If you find it difficult to list what you DO want, try starting with the things you DON’T want. Remember the things that disappointed you about your last dentist, if anything. Think about things such as waiting time for appointments, the skills you want your dentist to have, how close to your home the dentist needs to be located, average costs for dental work, cleanliness of the clinic and how up-to-date the equipment is, hours the dentist is open (i.e. outside of normal working hours), organization and software scheduling they use, and more.

2. Make a list of prospective dentists in Western Hills.

To help you create a list of dentists who are possible candidates to be YOUR dentist there are several places to find them. Firstly you can ask family and friends who they go to and what makes them a good dentist. You can also go through the telephone book, particularly the Cincinnati Yellow Pages. The advertisement section will often list the dentist’s skills and services they offer, as well as providing a telephone number. The Internet is also a good source of information, particularly for dentists with a website that has extensive information about their clinic and the services they offer, like dental sealants for example. Look for testimonials from clients.

Don’t limit yourself to dentists within close proximity to your home, as the right dentist may be within reasonable driving distance in a neighboring city / town only 20 or 30 minutes away. The right dentist may be worth the extra travel time. Also be careful not to go for the cheapest dentist as costs could be an indication that this dentist is using sub-standard equipment and materials.

3. Narrow down your list to two or three distinct possibilities

It really is important to take an appropriate amount of time to find the right dentist, as doing so will be time well spent and could save you from an unpleasant experience with the wrong dentist. Now is the time to narrow the choices down to 2 or 3 strong candidates. If your list consists of more than that, create a list of questions and call the dental clinics on the telephone to get the answers. Sometimes it is the little things that can be the ‘deal breaker’, such as their ability to handle a nervous client with understanding and patience.

Once you have selected the final candidates you can either go ahead and make an appointment, or alternatively ask if it would be acceptable to tour the clinic. Be careful not to assume that just because a particular dentist is right for your friend or family member, that he / she will be right for you. Be aware that an older dentist may be planning to retire soon and so would leave you searching for a new dentist. A younger dentist may have a better understanding of modern dental care practices and techniques.

Once you are at your appointment take the opportunity to ask the dentist any questions that you still require answers to. If you find yourself relaxed and comfortable with him / her it will increase your level of trust. Be aware of how rushed / relaxed the dentist is, as a dentist who seems under stress or appearing to have time constraints may be an indication that they are not able to give you the attention you require when undergoing dental work. Take particular note of your surroundings to gauge how clean they keep the clinic and how professionally the staff treat you. If you get the opportunity while waiting for your appointment, ask other clients waiting about their experiences with this dentist.

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